About Lloyd
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Lloyd Scott Hudson aka The MaD CA was born in Southampton, England on 29 December 1970. Lloyd immigrated to South Africa with his parents and two sisters in 1982 when he was 11 years old and is a South African citizen. Lloyd is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and the former Chief Financial Officer of MoreGolf (Pty) Ltd (owner of The Pro Shop Golf retailer) and National Pride. Lloyd articled with Price Waterhouse and obtained his BCom (part-time) and BAcc degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Lloyd has always had a flair for adventure. He has flown small aircraft solo, river rafted down the Zambezi, bungi jumped off of the Victoria Falls bridge and parachuted three times. Lloyd has been intrigued by the South Pole and the history surrounding Amundsen and Scott all of his life. Accordingly, in 2009 Lloyd made contact with Polar Explorers, an American company who offer expeditions to the South Pole. It came to Lloyd’s attention at this time that 2011 would be exactly 100 years after Amundsen and Scott’s 1911/1912 expeditions. Lloyd decided then and there that he would train for the next two years in order to participate in the Centennial Expedition to the South Pole. 

When talking about the South Pole Expedition people say that Lloyd is MAD. You have to be ‘MaD’ to want to ski 1 168 kilometres to the South Pole. This is the equivalent of skiing from Johannesburg to Durban and back again OR skiing 13 Comrades marathons back to back OR skiing from Johannesburg to George. To make matters worse, Antarctica is one of the most hostile environments on the planet with temperatures reaching -40 degrees Celsius. Lloyd likes to think of MAD as Making a Difference (MaD) which is what he intends to do through his expeditions.

Needless to say, Lloyd is not your typical accountant.

In embarking on an Expedition to the South Pole, Lloyd identified an opportunity to raise a significant amount of money for charity. Lloyd had intended to raise R30 million over the year from the Expedition for the MaD CA Foundation. Unfortunately, the South Pole expedition was not to be. Personal circumstances came in the way and the expedition has been put on hold temporarily.

Lloyd has to date summited Mt Vinson Massif, Carstensz Pyramid, Mt Elbrus, Mt Denali, Mt Aconcagua and Mt Kilimanjaro (6 of the 7 summits) and completed polar training in Svalbard, Norway in April 2010. He is affectionately known as ‘Mountain Goat’, ‘Ice Balls’ and ‘The MaD CA’ to friends and colleagues as a result of his exploits.

Lloyd is hopeful of joining the Seven Summits club in 2017 by summitting Mt Everest following which he will embark on an Expedition to the South and North Pole.

Lloyd has the following philosophies in life

  • To live a life less ordinary
  • To Make a Difference (“MaD”) and to be able to look back on achievements with pride and a sense of accomplishment
  • To do things, “Not because they are easy but because they are hard” John F Kennedy
  • To know that where there is a will, there is a way
  • Can’t is not in our vocabulary

Lloyd has the following guiding principles


  • To act with integrity and honour
  • To commit and as Nike says to “Just do it
  • Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap
  • To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield