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CAs(SA) Profile: Lloyd Hudson

Making a Difference -The MaD CA(SA)


Perhaps unfortunately, but have you noticed that we chartered accountants are not well known for our sense of adventure? So much more impressive when we come across what is clearly the exception to the rule. And what an exception! Lloyd Scott Hudson is the former Chief Financial Officer of MoreGolf (Pty) Ltd and, following many previous adventures, is now going to add a trip to the South Pole. This expedition, which marks the centennial year that Amundsen and Scott reached the South Pole, will involve skiing 1 168 kilometres from the edge of Antarctica to the Pole, which is the equivalent of skiing thirteen comrades' marathons in a row.

Let us look at who is this extraordinary man. He qualified as a chartered accountant in 1995 – sixteen years ago. He worked his articles at Price Waterhouse, and then worked for SA Breweries and Mondi (at that time part of the Anglo American group) prior to becoming CFO of MoreGolf in 2008.

In 2001 he really started his 'adventuring'. He summited Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – the highest mountain in Africa and nine years later, he undertook his polar training in Svalbard in Norway in early 2010 and is going for further polar training, October 2011. He recently summited Mt Aconcagua in Argentina during December/January 2011. He left MoreGolf at the end of February 2011 in order to raise sponsorship both for this particular polar expedition and to raise extensive donations for certain charities. He is looking to raise much money for what he believes to be worthy causes over this next year – and also further to train.

Lloyd is known as The MaD CA. This because he is always looking to be "making a difference". And MaD because many think him crazy when he tells them what he is planning to do. As far as Lloyd is aware, no other CA(SA) has ever done what he now plans. Yes – surely not!

Strangely, it was becoming a CA(SA) that led him to this determination. And he believes that the profession has enabled him to embark on this journey. For that he is only but immensely grateful to the profession (surely, but nevertheless in eager anticipation of more adventures).

Perhaps it is appropriate to remember that Lloyd is looking to raise sponsorship for more than one expedition – please fellow CAs, note this.

Lloyd has at present managed to secure the following sponsorships:

  • Castle Lite – Lloyd will be photographed at the South Pole drinking an "extra cold" Castle Lite
  • Urban Fitness Outdoor, which has sponsored his training
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences (a Nutritionist/dietician)

Beneficiaries of The MaD CA Foundation
This Foundation is in the process of being incorporated and all funds are to be held in trust for careful distribution to three selected charities – please see 'Caveat' later. The trust is being generously set up by Deloitte & Touche. The goal of the Foundation is to raise from this expedition at least R30 million through various channels, including, please, fellow members, to benefit the following charities:

SA Council for the Aged
Lloyd believes that the aged tend to be forgotten in our society and he intends to make available funds to buy basics such as food, equipment and medical supplies, and possibly more costly necessities, such as property repairs and transport.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Lloyd believes that the SPCA receives very little funding for the very great work that it does. His fund raising efforts will be used to buy animal foods, necessary equipment, medical supplies and, when necessary to build new kennels.

The Rivers Foundation
Rivers Church in Sandton has a Foundation that, amongst its many initiatives, provides financial support to Acres of Love, which cares for orphaned and abandoned children. It also provides shelter, clothing and education for street children. Finally, but no less importantly, The Rivers Foundation supports the Ethembeni Children's Home, which cares for abandoned and HIV/AIDS babies.

Lloyd, being a knowledgeable chartered accountant, is concerned that the money distributed by The MaD CA Foundation to all three charities should be very strictly controlled by, for example, a requirement that the respective charities must submit to the Foundation properly motivated applications against clearly defined limits.

Planned dates leading up to the expedition

Drakensburg, South Africa – 23 - 28 April 2011 (one successful week only, completed)

Mt Denali, Alaska – 29 May 2011 to 21 June 2011

Lesotho, southern Africa – August 2011

Polar training at Svalbard, Norway – October 2011

South Pole Expedition – 22 November 2011 to 19 January 2012

South African National Antarctica Exploration base visit – governmental approval to be sought

Donations to The MaD CA Foundation can be made by visiting the website or call The MaD CA at his office on 011 465 0947 or 071 482 0890. You can also follow Lloyd on facebook and twitter at the following addresses:

Facebook: The MaD CA

Twitter: TheMaDCA

Lloyd Hudson CA(SA) is the former CFO of MoreGolf (Pty) Ltd.