The Journey
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One can argue that The Journey began on 29 December 1970 or 29 December 2010 (Lloyd’s 40th birthday) but officially the start of The Journey is 1 March 2011. This is the date from which Lloyd was no longer employed as a Chief Financial Officer and the date that he underwent his physical assessment to assess where he was at in terms of the extent of the TRANSFORMATION which he would have to undergo over the next 8 months in order to be able to embark on his epic and historic Expedition to the South Pole.

The Journey thus far looks like this:

Drakensberg training – 23 April – 28 April 2011 (COMPLETED)

Lloyd underwent some rigorous training in the Drakensberg Mountains with a friend who has done two support expeditions on Mt Everest. The training was aimed at getting exposure to altitude with a heavy back pack ahead of the Mt Denali expedition.

Mount Denali – 29 May – 21 June 2011 (COMPLETED)

Lloyd summitted Mount Denali in Alaska on 17 June 2011. The reason for choosing to summit this mountain was that it is one of the 7 summits and it is one of the coldest mountains, reaching minus 40 degrees Celsius at its summit. Lloyd therefore killed two birds with one stone by getting exposure to cold conditions similar to that which he will experience in Antarctica and by summiting his 3rd of the 7 summits.

Lesotho training – August 2011(POSTPONED)

Lloyd will undergo some rigorous cross country skiing in the Lesotho Mountains. This will be aimed at getting some much needed skiing practice with a heavy back pack as well as some further exposure to cold conditions.

South Pole Expedition – 22 November 2011 – 19 January 2012 (POSTPONED)

Lloyd will fly from Punta Arenas, Chile to the edge of Antarctica. He will then ski 1 168kms over 60 days in one of the most hostile environments on the planet to the South Pole.

Mount Elbrus – xx – xx June 2012 (COMPLETED)

Lloyd summitted Mount Elbrus in Russia on xx June 2012.

Carstensz Pyramid – xx – xx November 2013 (COMPLETED)

Lloyd summitted Carstensz Pyramid in Papua, Indonesia on xx November 2013.

Mount Vinson Massif – xx – xx December 2014 (COMPLETED)

Lloyd summitted Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica on 22 December 2014.

The Future/Bucket List

Lloyd intends to continue The Journey (whilst the South Pole Expedition has been temporarily postponed) by embarking on the following future expeditions:

  • Mt Everest – 3 April – 3 June 2017 (attainment of all 7 summits)(from the bottom of the world to the top of the world)
  • Mt Cho Oyu (The world's 6th highest peak)
  • Mt K2 – Base camp only (no South African has ever summitted this mountain and I am not MaD enough to even attempt it)
  • North Pole Expedition
  • Circumnavigation of Greenland – One day when I have a lot of time on my hands